Kale Salad 1

Packed with beneficial nutrients, kale is known as one of today’s trendiest and true super foods. The versatile vegetable can be added to virtually any recipe as it is just as good raw as it is steamed, braised, sautéed, baked…the options are endless. For extra nutrition, use kale in place of lettuce greens in your favorite salad recipe.

Dressed with sweet lemon and topped with crunchy almonds, this summery salad has fresh apricots, a lovely contrast to creamy goat cheese and earthy kale. Served cold and simple to make; it’s a perfect meal for high summer.

kale salad with fresh apricots, goat cheese & raw almonds

1 large bunch raw kale, stalks removed
6 fresh apricots, sliced
4 oz goat cheese, crumbled
½ cup raw almonds, roughly chopped
¼ cup grape seed oil
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 teaspoons honey
salt & pepper to taste


Roughly tear kale leaves into smaller pieces.

Shake oil, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper in a bottle until slightly thickened. Pour over the kale and toss.

Add sliced apricots, crumbled goat cheese and raw almonds.

Toss and serve.

Serves 4

Kale Salad 2

Glenna plates from Anthropologie; Bowl & Dinner Plate.

Photography by Philip Blankenship.

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